National Masonry Instructors Association

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Stevensville, MD 21666
Phone: 443-496-0132       Cell: 803-308-0931

President's Message

JULY 9-12, 2017

Greeting Fellow Masonry Instructors:

It’s been Twenty eight (28) years since we were all together at the “Annual Masonry Instructors Banquet. So with that thought in mind, let’s spread the word: WE MISS YOU AND WANT TO RENEW OUR CONNECTIONS!

We want to take this opportunity to Welcome and Strongly Encourage all Instructors and their Families to be here for the Annual Banquet and conference for those of us that are still in the classroom this conference is set to be one of our best ever. This is an exciting time and place because of people like you, who have provided the makeup of the people we are and the success that this Organization has achieved. Let this be some comfort to you, to know that your “spirit and loyalty” still remain among us.

Be here on Monday, July 10, 2017 – (Reunion Meet & Greet) the time & place-TBA. If you can not make it, please just send your membership dues of only $50.00. We will still acknowledge your participation at the Recognitions and Awards program. We are looking forward to seeing, speaking and just having a great time with you. The schedule for the Conference will be complete soon and it is subject to change as we receive more information and make adjustments. Again, this is set to be one of our best ever!

Remember when the Awards Banquet Room was full to capacity with Instructors and their Families and Guest Speakers. Everyone was excited and truly enjoying being apart of such a great organization. Even the Children were glad to pull drawing tickets for door prizes at the event and even some parents named their kids- Brick, Mason, and Pebbles at their birth. (Mr. & Mrs. Terry Miller…”We remember”)

Now is the time to plan on returning for one more Great Reunion as (NMIA) Members/Past/or Retired. When you think about the (28) years, this Organization has been in existence. It’s a Wonderful Blessing we can take pride in – but the Glory comes from Almighty God and we say “Thank You”! Think about what has happen in that length of time; in reality it translates into many Years, Month, Weeks, Days and Hours. Twenty Eight Years equal to: 336 months; 1,456 weeks; 10,225 days; and 81,800 hours of work, crossing many path ways and making many new friends.

This organization has grown right along with us; so like us in so many ways, we require nourishment and up – keep. The organization requires some of the same up – keep. If we are to remain a force in the Masonry Industry, this organization needs your support to ensure those current students and those coming after them to receive the education and training we can provide. So make plans to attend the National Masonry Instructors Conference this year St. Augustine, Florida.

Remember the Date July 9-12, 2017; we are working diligently to make this year’s conference a CONFERENCE TO REMEMBER. Bring all your (camera’s/video equip) etc… we’re looking to be in the social media networks (face book, twitter and hope to go viral.) You will be hearing more about this as the planning process is underway. We are asking each Instructor attending to make a special donation. This will help strengthen the organization with just a (ONE) time donation of $112.00, not included with your registration for the conference. The donation represents just ($4.00) – for each of our twenty eight years in the business. Those who can pay more, we would appreciate that too and for those who are unable to, we understand.

You should be receiving your information in the beginning of April, but in the mean time if there are any questions upon the receipt of this letter, you may contact the following individuals:

President: Mr. Jeffery Mackie 1-(251) 716-8815
Vice President: Mr. Calvin Cade 1-(843) 601-7359
Secretary: Mr. Eugene Johnson 1-(803) 308-0931
Treasurer: Mr. Curtis Hoover 1-(443) 496-0132

We are looking for everyone who can make it…. No matter what, you can come by boat, plane, train; wheel-chair, skate board, or any other name-there is no shame in our game!!!! “May God Bless All”

NMIA is preparing for a Great and Grand Reunion and YOU can make it possible!!! See you at “St. Augustine”

Milton Young
NMIA First President
MCAA first instructor Hall Of Fame

Jeffrey Mackie